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7 Best Online Shopping Sites in Nepal (2018)

Needless to say, online shopping is a pretty new concept in Nepal.

Not that we had not heard it before, but there are few people in comparison, who actually shop through an e-commerce portal.

For an e-commerce business, there are so many hurdles to cover to run an online business in Nepal.

Probably, one of the biggest hurdles is that of a payment system. Nevertheless, in the recent days, digital payment system products like e-sewa and khalti has been a boon to the e-commerce business owners.

The story does not end there.

Online shopping websites still need a reliable delivery system in order to earn a buyer’s trust. 

That’s especially true in case of the Kathmandu valley. Because of the traffic problems, often times there’s a delay in delivery time. It’s a huge problem for products where people want almost instant delivery.

For example –  food and vegetables.

That being said, all these problems have not stopped few e-commerce startups to grow based in Nepal and stand the test of the time as well. 

Here is a list of few sites:


Daraz (formerly Kaymu) has positioned itself as one of the finest e-commerce companies in Nepal.

Just look at the categories of the products they serve.

Ranging from fashion, phones/tablets to grocery items, daraz covers most of the types of the products that we need to shop online.

Daraz has a pretty much decent design that an e-commerce website needs. But still, there’s a lot of noise, especially in the homepage (which is the landing page for most of the buyers) 

However, product pages are clean.

Once you start to learn to navigate through the website, you’ll have a consistent user experience every time you shop. 

Payment can be done at the time of the delivery. 

So, not necessary to worry about the digital payment system. Still, I would recommend you to sign up for an e-sewa or khalti account which will ease you through the process. 

Sasto Deal 

With product categories like apparels (clothing), accessories, electronics, etc Sasto Deal has started to take momentum in the e-commerce market.

Not just in Kathmandu, Sasto Deal delivers the goods to major cities in various parts of Nepal.

It also provides a unique feature of product tracking.

Which means, all you do is enter your order id and phone number and track your order progress.

As expected, Sasto Deal accepts payment as cash-on-delivery. Delivery charges are free within the Kathmandu valley. Outside the valley, they charge a minimal delivery charge.

The overall design of the website seems good as well. So, the next time you shop online. Make sure to check out Sasto Deal as well.


Muncha has positioned itself as an online shopping mall.

Started in 2000 as a gift ordering site, muncha has been more than just a gift site with a wide range of product offerings. They still seem to prioritize gift products.

The major payment systems that it supports are iPay, MasterCard and Visa card. There’s an option for cash on delivery as well.


Probably, Nepbay serves more product categories than any other online shopping sites.

Nepbay claims itself to be a platform for buyers, sellers and advertisers as well.

Nice deals are available for a wide range of products. For someone looking to shop online, Nepbay can be a viable option.

It claims to deliver products at your home through Nepal. Personally, I don’t have any experience of shopping from outside the valley.

However, what it claims seem to be interesting.

Check it out.

Major payment systems supported are internationally accepted solutions like PayPal, MasterCard, Visa Card. It also supports payments from debit cards of Nepali banks like Nepal Investment Bank and Laxmi Bank.

Smart Doko

Smart Doko is slowing establishing itself as a pretty strong brand in the e-commerce market.

It has a pretty minimalist website in comparison to the other online shopping websites.

I like the overall UI (User Interface) of the site.

In addition to products like apparels, electronics or cosmetics, it also offers books, musical instruments, sports equipment and such.

Here are the payment options provided in Smart Doko as of today – Cash On Delivery (COD), Card On Delivery, Card Payment and E-Sewa.


As the name suggests – Food for Kathmandu.

Foodmandu has made a name for itself in unique niche. While everyone is competing for general consumer products, Foodmandu has built an online brand selling foods, where no one had the attention initially.

It’s more about an app than website.

Food is a unique category of product to sell online. People don’t want to wait to eat.

Foodmandu has worked on to increase on delivery time and has network of numerous restaurants across the valley.

Next time, when you’re hanging out with friends, remember to order from Foodmandu to check it out.

Metro Tarkari 

Metro Tarkari is yet another kind of unique e-commerce website.

It has not just niche down to food – but niche it down again to vegetables. Metro Tarkari aspires to sell fresh vegetables to it’s market in Kathmandu.

Selling vegetables in a country like Nepal is easier said than done.

It’s available next door.

Despite this fact, there’s a company which have started to break this notion of thinking that we should only buy vegetables next-door.

If you order by tonight, you will get your vegetables at your doorstep next day. Metro Tarkari starts delivering early in the morning.

I personally believe it solves a unique kind of problem in the e-commerce market.


Of course, there are a plenty of other online shopping sites worth mentioning.

What I believe is – E-commerce is just starting to gain momentum in Nepal. And, if there are numerous e-commerce to trust in various categories, we would see the shift in the paradigm of how we buy.

Fast-movers always have a edge in the modern world.

That’s particularly true in case of the E-commerce market. 

Rajit Chaulagain

Rajit Chaulagain (Chief Executive Officer @ Swopna Digital) writes about SEO, Website Development, Animation, VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and many other exciting fields.


  • I think Smartdoko stands on top when it comes to online shopping in Nepal. They offer good products at a very reasonable price. There’s this gift card system which I liked the most, you get to choose your own gift from smartdoko and earning point system where you can buy products from SmartDoko in the future with that points.

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