2.0 Official Teaser Launched

2.0 Official Teaser Released: (Rs 543 Crore Movie) What to Expect?

The official trailer for the upcoming movie “2.0” has been released on youtube. Not even a week, and it’s already trending #1.

Expectations are high for the Hi-tech movie.

Why not indeed? After all, it’s the most expensive movie to be made in India. And, the ninth most expensive nonEnglish language movie to be ever made.

A spiritual successor to the movie – Enthiran (Robot), 2.0 has a lot of superstars involved. In addition, it seems to be a movie of it’s kind when watching the trailer.

A lot of the total budget has been injected in the VFX and post-production part.

Star Cast

The director of the movie, Shankar approached a lot of actors who denied for the role in the movie. Some of them are Kamal Hassan, Aamir Khan and Vikram. He eventually signed Rajnikath, and Akshay Kumar as the lead star casts.

Here are the names of the star casts involved in the movie:

  • Rajnikath (Dr. Vaseegaran / Chitti)
  • Akshay Kumar (Dr. Richard)
  • Amy Jackson
  • Sudhansu Pandey (Bohra Junior)
  • Adil Hussain

Few facts related to the movie:

DirectorS. Shankar
MusicA.R Rahman
Production companyLyca Production
BudgetRs 543 Crore
Release Date (exp)29 Nov, 2018

Official Teaser 

The official teaser for the movie – “2.0” was released this week on September 13. As of today, it has crossed 30 million + views and trending #1 on youtube.

Have a look at it’s official trailer (in hindi):

“2.0 Official Teaser – Hindi”

A Spiritual Successor to “Robot”

Initially, the movie was supposed to be a sequel to the super hit movie – Robot (starring Rajnikanth).

Later on,  the makers of the movie revealed that it would not be a sequel to the movie – “Enthiran” rather a spiritual successor.

What does spiritual successor mean?

As opposed to the sequel, the spiritual successor does not build upon the storyline – while most of the features are the same – same elements, style, and theme.

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What to expect?

“Baahubali 2: The Conclusion” was made with a total budget of Rs 250 Crore, which was the most expensive movie to be made at the time.

Only 2 movies have surpassed the total budget of Baahubali – Saaho and 2.0 (both not released yet).

2.0 has more than the double the budget of the movie – “Baahubali”

Hence, it is a justifiable fact to consider that the expectations for the hi-tech movie are multiple times than any Indian movies till made.

The star cast of the movie are quite established in the industry.

Hence, the viewers of the movie will have a lot of expectations for the movie at the time it releases inside the theaters. Let’s hope it’ll set a new standard for the upcoming movies to be made.

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  • The official trailer for the upcoming hi-tech movie 2.0 has been released (in both 2D and 3D).

    Aren’t you guys excited?

    Hi-tech movies excite me a lot personally. South Indian film industry now make some of the best movies these days.

    What do you guys think of the trailer?

    Let me and our readers know through this comment section.

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